Purified Water

The water we use is RO treated and UV sterilized, unlike competition that uses untreated or un-sterile water from sources like the local water supply or bore wells. Most often this water is unsafe for any form of human consumption in its native form.


Soaking is an important process to soften the Areca leaf before forming on heated dyes. The soaking tanks we use in the process are made from surgical grade stainless steel. The entire industry uses cement-based tanks with water stored for days if not weeks. These tanks become a breeding ground for yeast, mould, and bacterial infections.

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

While the entire industry uses aluminum or mild steel dyes or mild steel alloy based dyes that oxidizes over a period of time when these metals react with water from the leaves and oxygen tend to form oxides. During the plate forming process these dyes come in contact with the tableware and leave traces on the tableware. Unlike competition we use surgical grade stainless steel dyes in our manufacturing process.


Unlike the industry that uses normal UV light to sterilize their tableware products, we use phyto-hydro-ionization prior to packing our Tableware. This process is significantly superior as UV rays are passed in an humid ozone environment to oxidize any left over traces or cross contamination of bacteria, virus, coliform, yeast and mold during the manufacturing process.These measures have shown significant outcomes on the Tests conducted by SGS. Zero detection of traces of heavy metals, Coliform is less than 10 cfu and yeast and mold is less than 35 cfu. These figures are less than one third of the permissible limits as prescribed by FDA. Hence this is certified safe for food contact.

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