Plastic has permeated into just about every aspect of our lives leading to plastic pollution. Research suggests that around eight million metric tons of plastic waste enters the oceans each year, and it’s estimated that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will weigh more than all the fish. Even our land is not free from this pollution, especially on farms where sewage sludge is used for fertilizer.

It is alarming to note that eight of the ten most common items in ocean trash are single-use food-related items that include plastic bags, straws, dry cleaning bags, water bottles, take out food containers, and coffee cups etc. Therefore, it is paramount to find alternatives to plastic packaging.

Our pledge to reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollutants led us to the inception of Vaksana retailer Pvt. Ltd. an endeavour to find sustainable eco-friendly alternative.


With the global climate commitment to combat plastic pollution and make world a plastic free place for all, VAKSANA aspires to utilize this opportunity for packaging innovation and capture the world markets and be a part of the non-plastic revolution.


Respond to growing pressure to provide all-around sustainability, our ambitious plastic reduction targets are:

  • Spread awareness about economical replacements
  • Export Biodegradable Products all around the world
  • To seek and export more biodegradable alternatives
  • Export Organic foods like pulses and millets
  • Create a local presence with domestic retail store chains, wholesalers
  • Reach every outlet, big or small where plastic is used.

Our focus on the NON-PLASTIC REVOLUTION has led us to deliver a promising sustainable packaging solution “Biodegradable Products”- The innovative alternative to plastic wares.

Empowering Women

We work towards empowering women and reducing the age old gender disparity, our manufacturing units have a full female workforce.

Analyze & Building

We practice ethical business conduct and integrity

No Child Labour

We strictly follow a “NO CHILD LABOUR” Policy.

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